Connected with a temporary profile

Solution for Error: incident "connected with a temporary profile"

The solution is to recreate the user profile

Before you recreate the user profile, back up the existing profile; then restore the profile again.

Recreating the user profile:

1. go to the Control Panel, click System, then click Advanced System Settings
2. in user profiles click settings
3. in the user profiles, find the user you want to recreate the profile and delete the Profiles stored on this computer list by clicking the delete button
4. click Ok, and then log off
5. Request the user that log to create the new profile
6. Restore the user data and proceed with care.

Following this procedure, the existing user SIDs in the machine will be removed. The SIDs are created at the time that the user logs on the machine. SIDs of the user: the user's primary SID-Global and Universal group SIDs for the user account, domain or forest-local SIDs workstation domain (if they are different from the user's domain)-assigned Privileges explicitly to the user or derived from group memberships.

If you follow these step and does not resolve the problem, please follow the procedure below:
1. log on with an account that is not the problem.
2. copy the folder with the user profile to another location, can be another partition.
3. then delete the folder that the user profile that is the problem.
4. go to Regedit and navigate to the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList",
5. under ProfileList, you will see several folders as an example: S-1-5-21-1214440339-2139871995-725345543-2750, when you click on one of them, see the right-hand side which belong to the damaged profile, and then delete it.
6. Restart the computer and ask the user what to log on again
7. now that the profile has been repaired, restore the user data and ok



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