How to buy your TV

I decide to buy a tv, get out searching the internet one that suited my needs. And on one of these sites I found some very interesting tips "how to buy your TV", then decide to share it with you.

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Ideal TV x environment
There is a relationship between the size of the screen and the minimum distance that must be maintained between the eyes and the TV for visual comfort. So, not always the larger screen is ideal for your home. Set in what environment the TV will be installed. The aspects of the site will require a device with specific features.

A very close to the TV Viewer can cause eyestrain and headaches, for anyone who spends many hours in front of the appliance. Large TVs are also unsuitable for very small environments in relation to the sharpness of the image, which can be dotted, when viewed closely (the sharpness reaches the ideal quality from a particular viewing distance).

Calculate the distance between the TV and the Viewer

Check out where the distance between the viewer and the TV screen. To calculate the distance in relation to high-definition TVs, multiply the number of meters by 21. That is, if the distance from the place where you want to install the TV until the sofa is 2 meters, ideally, has 42-inch screen. And so on. There are differences in the calculation depending on the resolution of the TV. See:

·        Standard resolution: multiply the distance by 12 inches
·        Resolution 1080i (high definition): multiply the distance by 18 inches
·        1080p (Full HD) Resolution: multiply the distance by 21 inches

Bedroom, living room or Home Cinema?

The fourth, in General, by having smaller, asks for a TV film with fewer inches. Have the room, or places specially prepared for display to the whole family, require TV screens as well. To set up a Home Theater, check if the TV you want to acquire fits in the available space, leaving a few inches on all sides so that there is sufficient ventilation. You can also provide a mobile that includes space for other equipment that will be attached to the TV, such as boxes, DVD player or a Blu-Ray .

Other factors to choose the ideal TV

In relation to the site, also check the brightness. There are TVs that do not present a good image in very bright.

Think of the amount and the type of connectors that you will need to connect their equipment. If you want the TV to be the entertainment center and want to connect video equipment, game consoles or other type of electronic, should check whether the TV has the necessary entries. This prevents later need to install adapters or cables.

Brightness, contrast and viewing angle
Experts say that the aspects of brightness, contrast, color and viewing angle should be considered together, since there are models which lose in a question, but compensate in another.

Notice the features of the Viewer. If you like to change channel with frequency the PIP function can be important. If you are hearing impaired and in need of subtitles, the TV should offer closed captioning. Those who like to access the original sound of the movies, you need a device with function SAP, etc.

Plasma and LCD comparison

Color saturationPlasma
Black level
(images with more depth)
Screen refresh ratePlasma
Viewing anglePlasma
Response timeLCD
Useful lifeLCD
Produces Burning effect *LCD
Widescreen formatequal
Screens in larger formatsPlasma
Screens in smaller formats
(Portable TVs, cell phones, etc.)
Heat generationLCD
PC connectivity
(on some models)

* Also called Burn-in. When a static image is displayed for a long time can leave a mark, staining the fabric. Manufacturers are paying attention to this problem in the new models.




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